19 Pros and Cons of Bezel Set Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

Bezel set engagement rings with wedding bands provide a sleek look with modern curves. It is a distinctive setting for diamonds when they feature at the center of an engagement ring. You can also receive a unique look when used in accent stones or a wedding band. The setting surrounds the girdle of the gem, which is the widest point, with a thin band of gold or another precious metal.

This design provides two immediate elements of consideration: better security and a perfectly smooth edge.

You can use this design to create combination rings that supplement the initial engagement stone with additional diamonds or gems to make a stunning look. Wedding bands that use this design option can also reduce the threat of prongs that can leave the setting exposed.

Bezel set engagement rings with wedding bands have several critical pros and cons to consider if you’re shopping for this lifetime representation of love today.

List of the Pros of Bezel Set Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

1. This setting helps to stabilize the diamond or another gemstone.
If you choose a bezel set engagement ring with wedding band for the representation of your love, then you’re supporting an active lifestyle. Because the setting completely surrounds the diamond or your preferred gemstone, then it is less likely to fall out or become loose. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who works in an environment where the ring might get bumped repeatedly during the day. Since there is less of a threat of loss, there could also be advantages in the price of an insurance policy that protects this investment.

2. It provides a timeless design.
People don’t purchase engagement or wedding rings thinking that they’ll need to sell them one day. There is always a small risk that a loving relationship will go its separate ways one day. If that situation were to occur, the resale value of a bezel set is typically higher than what you’d experience with other design options. You’re purchasing a minimalist, timeless design that is protective and durable. That means there is an opportunity to recoup some of the losses you might experience due to depreciation.

3. It won’t snag clothing/latex gloves like other gemstone settings.
If you choose a bezel set engagement ring with your wedding band, then you will avoid having to have prongs that hold your gemstone in the setting. Prongs can leave behind painful traces when accidentally caught on someone and can snag or rip materials. Choosing a bezel setting gives you more protection that goes beyond the security of keeping the gemstone in place, since it won’t snag on latex, hair, or clothing.

4. You don’t need any special cleaners for your bezel ring.
If you opt for a bezel set engagement ring with your wedding band, then cleaning your setting is rather simple. All you need is a soft brush and some warm, soapy water to get rid of the dirt and dust. Don’t fall for the temptation to pick at lingering items with a sharp object because you could scratch the ring by doing so. You can choose to use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, but there is an added risk of damage to diamonds and some gemstones with this method.

You’ll still want to take your bezel setting to your jeweler at least once per year to restore its luster. They can check your setting to ensure that the fit remains tight and repair it, if necessary.

5. It will work to hide the visible defects of the gemstone.
The bezel set engagement ring with wedding band design works to improve the visual clarity of your gemstone to the average viewer. The wrap-around precious metals do an excellent job of reducing the impact that inclusions or chips might have on the final product. When you want a softer gem for your ring, such as an emerald or an opal, then you’ll receive more protection against scratches and other forms of damage. A prong setting might be a little cheaper in direct comparison, but the bezel design offers more long-term value.

6. There is a lot of versatility in the styles that are offered with this design.
When you choose the bezel set engagement ring with your wedding band, there are several choices available in today’s industry to consider. It’s an opportunity to purchase a modern ring with a bit of vintage flair. You could opt for a setting with light reflection and milgrain detailing so that there is a lot of visual charm to your piece. Settings with diamond accents can add a lot of glamour. You can also go for a semi-bezel design that doesn’t surround the entire piece if you prefer more of a flowing style.

7. Any design can support the bezel setting.
The bezel setting is not part of the design in itself, even though some people feel that it is because of the way it integrates into the ring. It is really a simple way that the diamond or gemstone is held in the design of the piece. That means you can choose this option to work with almost any ring if you’re willing to pay for the added expense of adding this element. You can choose vintage, solitaire, pave, halo, or multi-stone options with this advantage without losing the chance to use the bezel setting.

If you like a certain style, then you’ll want to check with your jeweler about the options to have a bezel set engagement ring with your wedding band. Some might not offer this service because of the time and expense involved.

8. You can purchase bezel settings almost anywhere.
Bezel settings might be expensive and somewhat uncommon, but they are also available from a diverse selection of retailers. You can find several online opportunities to find the perfect bezel set engagement ring with wedding band as well. When you start to shop for this piece, you’ll want to make sure that you’re shopping with a reputable jeweler. If you can, have someone independently inspect the quality of the craftsmanship and the diamond’s clarity before finalizing your purchase.

9. You can avoid damage to the ring by using a bezel.
Prong settings tend to loosen, bend, and otherwise get damaged more easily than a bezel design. This issue occurs because the thin metal points on the prongs don’t have enough thickness to offer long-term strength. Most pieces that incorporate prongs need to have the settings checked and maintained more often since losing one means your gemstone could fall out and get lost. Choosing the bezel means you have more durability with the overall design.

10. You can purchase the entire ring setting at once.
When you purchase a bezel set of engagement rings with your wedding band, then you only need one ring instead of two for your special day. An additional wrap attachment to the engagement ring creates a stunning setting that a jeweler can fuse together when the time is right to tie the knot. That means you can spend more on one individual ring to create an impressive piece while the entire set costs less than if you purchased one ring for the engagement and another for the wedding.

The amount of flash that you decide to add depends on your personal preferences. You could place a halo of smaller diamonds to create more flair. Different stones could add more color to the overall setting. Don’t forget about your gold options here either, since combining rose gold with a traditional piece can reflect more of the warm tones that come from some gems.

List of the Cons of Bezel Set Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

1. This design option minimizes the size of the gemstone.
Prong settings are useful for many designs because it makes a large amount of the gemstone visible to the viewer. This process enhances the size and brilliance of the encounter. When you opt for a bezel set engagement ring with your wedding band, then the setting will cover a significant amount of the gem’s surface. That means you’ll see a reduction in size from a visual standpoint.

Less of the gemstone will catch the light because of the encasement with the precious metals, so that means there will be less sparkle as well. Depending on the thickness of the metal and the width of the band, this could create an unfavorable result.

2. Some bezel settings can be challenging to clean properly.
Bezel settings are notoriously challenging to clean. Some designs are better than others, especially if your piece takes the simple approach by setting the metal flush with your diamond or another gemstone. Dirt can get lodged in the area between the rim of the metal and your gem, which is a location that is challenging to access because of the size of the space. You can encounter this problem on the underside of the bezel too, which is an area that may be impossible to reach with at-home tools.

This disadvantage is especially prevalent in bezel settings that do not go all of the way up the stone.

3. The cost of a bezel setting is more expensive.
When you compare a prong setting with a bezel setting, the latter one is much more expensive. The higher price is due to the additional amount of precious metal needed to create the final product. There is enough customization required with each gemstone that some jewelry stores might refuse to provide a bezel set engagement ring with a wedding band for you because of the work.

If you were to purchase a James Allen white gold prong setting diamond ring, the cost would be about $200. Moving the same band to a bezel setting pushes the final cost to over $800. If you’re shopping on a budget, then a bezel set engagement ring with wedding band is probably not the best choice to make.

4. There are specific stone designs that are typically used with this setting.
The bezel setting is usually reserved for flat-backed stones because of the way the design mounts the gem. It can be used for other cuts, including round options, but you will usually see cabochons or cameos with this option. The only exception to this disadvantage is if the gemstone you want to purchase for your engagement and wedding ring combination has a hardness score below 7, so is something like turquoise. This option is the preferred method then because of the added protection that is possible with this design.

5. You have fewer adjustment options available to you.
If you choose a ring with a prong setting instead of one with a bezel, then it is easier to adjust the stones to different sizes if you to replace the stone. The latter option is more challenging to change because the overall design incorporates the setting at a deeper level. You might have the option to put a bezel setting on any design, but a catastrophic event to a diamond or another gem could require an entire retooling of the ring. It could be an issue that causes the restoration process to cost more than the original purchase.

6. The bezel setting is more obtrusive than many prong designs.
Even though the bezel setting is more protective of the average stone, prong-based designs are almost as effective. You’ll find many jewelers incorporating 8-prong designs into their modern pieces to protect the gemstone from bumps and dings. Using that many prongs will also create better security for the stone without compromising its sparkle or clarity to the average viewer. You’ll find more advantages in the bezel vs. prong debate when looking at 4-prong or 6-prong designs instead.

7. This option can disguise the true color of the gemstone.
The bezel setting for engagement and wedding rings can sometimes distort the true color of the gem because of the metal that surrounds it. If you wear a diamond or other transparent stone, then the tones of your gold, platinum, or silver will influence what you can see when light strikes the piece. Many bezel designs using silver or platinum instead of gold or white gold because the lighter hues of silver and platinum help to brighten the piece. The brighter the piece, the higher the perception of its value.

There are some exceptions to this disadvantage when the hue of the stone matches that of the precious metals. If you enjoy yellow diamonds, then an 18-karat gold piece of the same tone can make it seem like you spent a lot more on your ring that you actually did.

8. The bezel setting can cause more damage to some gems instead of less.
The primary benefit of the bezel setting for engagement and wedding rings is protection. If you allow the jewelry to get dirty, then the trapped dirt and dust stays closer to the piece than it would if you decided on a pronged setting. Some people with low-cut bezels find that they need to clean their rings multiple times per week because of this unique disadvantage. You’ll need more professional inspections of the setting as well to ensure that the stone is snug to its setting to provide an optimal level of protection.

9. No design provides 100% protection.
Bezel settings can receive as much damage as any other when a strong impact to the piece occurs. It might offer a simple or intricate design, but any damage to the setting requires a professional repair immediately. All it takes is one misplaced blow to fracture the diamond, bend the metal, or cause the gem to dislodge. You cannot start using this ring in high-impact situations with the expectation that it will survive. If you feel like what you’re doing could place the piece at-risk, then you should slip it off during your activity.


The primary advantage of choosing the bezel setting over the traditional prong is that you receive more protection for the gemstone. Since it covers the gem from all sides, there are fewer chances of scratching, chipping, and other forms of damage occurring.

This clean design can look very attractive to some people. It can also be an option that looks too busy or heavy, especially when you factor in the final cost.

The pros and cons of bezel set engagement rings with wedding bands depend on your preference for the gem itself. It reduces the light play from the stone, but this option also safeguards your investment well. You will want to review all of your options as you shop for the perfect ring to ensure the final look is the one that your partner will love.

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